Do i or don’t i?


With the release of the iPhone seven recently, I thought it was appropriate to take a trip back in time to the beginning of this multibillion dollar fad.

iPhone: (June 29, 2007). A legacy was born. The (drum roll please) first ever iPhone! Little did Apple know this device, which was at the time just a mini computer that made phone calls, would redefine mobile phones forever.

iPhone 3G/3GS: (June 2008). To be quite honest, this is probably as far as Apple needed to go with the iPhone. It’s simple, easy to navigate, and it can actually fit into your pocket. It’s a shame they don’t sell these anymore!

iPhone 4: (June 2010). Gasp! The iPhone 4 has a better camera by three whole mega pixels! Apple has definitely decided to step it up a notch. This new edition has Face Time, seven hours of battery life and you can even change the background!! … Okay, okay, it’s not that exciting. I just got carried away… like the other 470 million people who bought this product thinking it was some kind of miracle.

iPhone 4S: (October 2011). When conducting my research about the evolution of Apple iPhones, I actually missed the iPhone 4S. Why? I simply thought it was the iPhone 4. It took me half an hour to find a way to tell the difference. Ready…. the model number on the back!

iPhone 5: (September 2013). There comes a sigh of relief as Apple finally releases an iPhone available in white. However, despite the blather around this new mobile, it hasn’t changed much from the very first edition. It’s the same length, has similar battery life, and has the same old apps. Close inspection leads me to believe that Apple used the same phone, made it flatter and made it more ‘elegant’. Somehow, they’ve convinced us that we are WAY behind without this ‘new advancement’. Liars!

iPhone 5C: (September 2013). New colours. Wow. I am unsure how 140 million people got sucked into buying this phone, when the only difference between the 5 and this one is the colour. Need I say more?

iPhone 5S: (September 2013). Apple have finally decided that they’ve had enough of the same old phone that has been tweaked each ‘generation’. In this phone – the 5S, touch ID, slow motion, time-lapse videos and an even better camera have been introduced! Not to mention the new trend – a gold case!! It’s also just the right size. I must admit, this is the iPhone we’ve been waiting for.

iPhone 6: (September 2014). Unfortunately, I think Apple may have got a little excited after the frenzy with the iPhone 5S. “What should we do with our 9th phone? Since the 5S was such a hit, why don’t we just do a copy of that one except make it bigger!” Voila! iPhone 6.

iPhone 6 Plus: (September 2014). It’s a perfect name, really. The iPhone 6. Plus. Alternatively they could call it the 5S Plus Plus. Or the 5C Plus Plus Plus. You get my point. Not much has changed except the lack of room in your pocket. Sigh. If the iPhone evolution continues like this, we’ll be able to play cricket with the iPhone 15!

I used to feel envy when looking at someone holding their shiny new iPhone. But slowly I have become content with my little four-year-old Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus. It does everything I need it to. I am proud to say that I am part of a minority – a minority of discerning consumers.

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