The mind


My mind is a sea of thoughts, swirling, tumbling.

This ocean of memories, experiences, will drown me unless I learn to swim.

I must reach deep into the depths of my mind and try to sort,

To sort these thoughts that are plastic bags sinking into the water.


My mind is a bird, trapped in a cage of thoughts.

This cage is ever growing, being built on every moment of every day,

I must find the key to the cage to unlock,

To unlock peace and order, and to set my mind, the bird, free.


Another’s mind is a locked door,

A mystery that is unable to be explored.

Sometimes I can see their thoughts, leaking out from their face,

Their face that is the window into a locked door.


But my mind, my mind is book, with infinite pages,

Pages with words erased, or pages ripped out altogether.

With new words written with every new experience, opinion, conversation, memory.

When I am confused, the pages fly around in the wind, an unreadable mess.

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