Happiness – that sacred emotion

Our brains automatically tend to put brighter colours like yellow, orange and pink with positive emotions, and darker colours like blue, black red and purple with negative emotions. It’s a bit like two scales, which line up in our brains, the emotion scale and the colour scale. Okay, remember that for later on.

Happiness. Defined as a sense of wellbeing, contentment or pure joy. Sounds pretty good to me! And in fact, a lot of people categorise happiness as being one of their top goals for life attainment. But I ask you, how do you attain happiness? How can you catch something that has no form? The answer is simple. To attain happiness, you mustn’t be happy. Hang on, let me explain.

Lets think of happiness as a beautiful painting. A colourful splash of incredible shapes and images. What makes this painting beautiful? The range of colours that give it excitement, diversity. Aha! You may have noticed that we’ve gone back to the colour topic. So what were we saying about colour before? That colours are like emotions, dark or bright. And what were we saying about the painting? That you need a full range of colours to make a beautiful painting. What was that painting resembling? Happiness.

Okay, enough of the metaphors, I’ll put it in real life, easy to understand words. In order to attain true happiness, you need to experience a full range of emotions.

It took me a while, but I have got to the point of my post. To all those who wish to have a happy life, you must go through fear, pain, rejection, joy, hope, passion, everything, to gain that one sacred emotion – happiness. It will be hard, very hard. Our natural instinct is to push away negative feelings, like stress or regret. But if you let them come, let them wash over you, then they will disappear quicker, and you will enjoy the positive emotions when they do come, which they always will. Be content with who you are and what you feel, don’t try to change your emotions.

In each year, approximately one in five Australians will experience a mental illness. Mental illness does not have to be a scary thing. Everyone here will have experienced a time when they have been overly stressed or anxious. In order to rise above these feelings, you need to learn to not be afraid of them, to acknowledge their presence and then let them move away.

And just remember, every colour deserves to be in your rainbow.

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  1. Jem Taylor says:

    Very wise words Si! I think that there is a missive push to ” be happy” but people don’t really understand that, in order to do that you have to experience a range of emotions. It’s the downs in life that make the ups so great!


  2. Beautifully written, I’m loving this blog so far – keep posting!!


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